Express your style with our handpicked outdoor furniture, whether it's for a small party in your backyard or just for lounging all afternoon at the pool. Furniture Network has an ensemble of lounge chairs, garden benches, picnic table set, garden patio sets, foldable tents, parasols, and more.

Our products are made of sturdy materials and can withstand the wear and tear of outdoor use as well as the changing environment. You can leave them out under the sun or let them get wet in the rain – they are resilient and resistant to decay.


ALT 001-AL 007 Rachel ALT 004-AL 040 Abby ALT 022- AL008 Caroline ALT004-ALOO4 ARTERIA ART 1075 SUNSET GARDEN Ascot Folding Set C163-B048 ROXY Indo 161 Bessy Steamer Chair Magnote Picnic Table STA-830T-641C KEISHA TAD 0019 RINA TAD 0040 VIRGINIA TAD 0049 KYLA TAD 0058 SHELLA TAD 0072 CELIA TAD 0086 Pressila Visto Garden Set PT 02-30 PT 03-72 PT 04-48