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What's an office without a desk? It's where a large part of the work day happens, from typing reports to signing documents, from stacking client files to keeping various office supplies. We have different kinds of desks that will accompany any task: computer desks, ergonomic/modular desks that can be hanged on modular partitions, executive desks, and more.


Genesis Series (GE)
GE 1 GE 2 GE 3 GE 4

Grey Series (GS)
GS 1 GS 2 GS 3 GS 4

Century Desks, Neptune, and MPT Series
CD Series Sample Set Century Desk Series MPT-180 MPT-180 when folded NT-107 NT-10A NT-127 NT-147 NT-167

Conference Table
Oval Conference Table (OCT) Round Conference Table (RCT3-90R or RCT3-120R)