Founded in 1980, Furniture Network initially engaged in manufacturing metal and wooden furniture. We identified with elegant yet functional designs: we believed that objects, while they can be aesthetically pleasing, must also serve their purpose. In as much as furniture is considered decorative art, we made sure that our products are useful in any interior space.

During the 1990s, we gradually shifted to importation and distribution of different types of furniture while still maintaining our high standards, be it for the domestic or commercial setting. We expanded our product line to include antique, outdoor, office and hotel furniture. We have also incorporated selling home decors and sanitary maintenance materials (hardware and other cleaning tools). As a result of this expansion, our company has grown to be one of the leading furniture distributors in the country. Our roster of clients now includes prominent department stores, furniture retail shops, boutique restaurants and hotels.


Workmanship is the backbone of our business. We go to great lengths in delivering the best customer service. From surveying the site on pre-order stage, to measuring floor space, to creating layouts both in print and 3D – our goal is to constantly meet and even exceed our customers' needs and expectations of price, service, and furniture selection.

We take our craftsmanship seriously. We have built a name synonymous to quality custom furniture that can be delivered within 5 working days or less for ready stock items, within 15 days or less for custom-made locally fabricated items, and within 60 days or less for custom-made foreign supplies.

We are passionate about bringing furniture of superior quality to the Philippines at a great value, as well as offering a number of exceptional services that meet different buyer needs. Our custom solutions make it easy for our clients to express their unique sense of style with a variety of options.